There are 5 Value number under a BOT that can have different set when transform to alternate form. There are many attack type, most notable is the Blue Attack and Green Star attack.

Ui attack
  • White Value (Orange background) is the normal attack
  • Blue Attack will determine which team to attack first
  • Green Star attack will attack first then follow with other attack type (Blue and Normal) with Z pattern.
Visual Cue Attack Name Effect
White Value Normal Attack Normal and have lower priority then Green Star Attack.
Blue Value First Strike Attack The biggest team with Blue Value will attack first
Green Star Hot Shot Shot 1 Bot and in the end of round will have damage over time (DOT)
Napalm Shot all Bots and in the end of round will have damage over time (DOT)
Short Circuit Shot 1 Bot and will restrict Re-spin for one round only
Multi-strike Shot all Bots attacks
  • In Wikia BOT profile pages, there are some extra information number for Hotshot and Napalm type of attack. For example Hotshot 2 means that after deal damage, Hotshot, will deal additional Damage Over Time (DOT) for 2 damage.


There are other attack name but have same effect. Most of the Combiner have a unique attack

Attack Name Other Name
Earthquake Epic Combiner Devastator (G2)
Ground Slam Epic Scout Depth Charge
Ground Slam Epic Combiner Optimus Maximus
Fire BreathEpic Hunter Grimlock (G2)
Boulder SmashEpic Support Snarl (G2)
Ground Slam Epic Combiner Abominus
Computron BlastEpic Combiner Computron
Ground SlamEpic Soldier Optimus Primal Transmetal
Cannon BarrageEpic Combiner Piranacon
Ground SlamSuper Rare Hunter Rhinox Transmetal
Fire BreathEpic Support Grimlock (FOC)
Fire BreathEpic Support Slug
Primal SlamSuper Rare Support Optimus Primal
Fire BreathEpic Hunter Grimlock
Boulder SmashEpic Combiner Devastator
Cannon BarrageSuper Rare Combiner Bruticus
Optic SweepSuper Rare Combiner Menasor
Earthquake Super Rare Combiner Superion


Some of the attack also have same effects with the Abilities.

Attack Name Ability
Napalm A plasma bombA plasma bomb ii
Short Circuit A nucleon strike iiA nucleon strike ii
Multi-strike A air strikeA air strike ii

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