This page will show all the BOT that need resource cost. Reward, Promotion and Combiner BOT are not included in this list.

There are maximum possible 4 cores for a BOT and most of them need Cybermetal.

  • Cybermetal = for low ranking BOT
  • Transmetal = for low to middle ranking BOT
  • Scout / Soldier / Support / Hunter Cores = for middle ranking BOT
  • Exclusive = for Exclusive BOT
  • Special Core = Core with specific name usually middle to high ranking BOT
  • Event Core = for Event BOT
  • Alpha / Beta / Omega Cores = can be use for Daily campaign BOT

Recruit Day

base on information from Official Forum Post 7 October

Rarity Recruit Time (Days)
Rare 1
Super Rare 2
Epic 3

Rankings PVP

Rankings PVP Name Recruit Time Cyber
Scout Core Soldier Core Support Core Hunter Core Special Core
TutorialAcid Storm30s8
Recruit 1Thundercracker30s6
Recruit 1Junkheap1m10
Recruit 1Scoop1m10
Recruit 2Bumblebee2m12
Recruit 2Starscream2m12
Recruit 2Hoist2m12
Recruit 3Wheeljack5m14
Recruit 3Joyride5m14
Recruit 3Tankor5m14
Recruit 4Optimus Prime10m16
Recruit 4Tailgate10m16
Recruit 4Blackjack10m16
Recruit 5Megatron15m20
Recruit 5Swerve15m20
Recruit 5Ratchet15m208
Rookie 1Viper20m24
Rookie 1Powerglide20m24
Rookie 1Sergeant Kup15m2510
Rookie 2Huffer25m28
Rookie 2Warpath15m3012
Rookie 2Cosmos15m3012
Rookie 3Dreadwing30m3516
Rookie 3Windcharger30m3516
Rookie 3Nemesis Prime30m3516
Rookie 4Bumblebee (Uncommon)30m4520
Rookie 4Breakdown30m4520
Rookie 4Dirge30m4520
Rookie 5Blurr30m5524
Rookie 5Red Alert30m5524
Rookie 5Thrust30m5524
Guard 1Windshear1h6530
Guard 1Firefly1h6530
Guard 1Ramjet1h6530
Guard 2Jhiaxus1h7536
Guard 2Skullgrin1h7536
Guard 2Acid Storm (Uncommon)1h7536
Guard 3Runway1h9042
Guard 3Orion Pax1h9042
Guard 3Thundercracker (Uncommon)1h9042
Guard 4Alpha Bravo2h10548
Guard 4Dragstrip2h10548
Guard 4Skywarp2h10548
Guard 5Heavytread2h12056
Guard 5Thunderwing2h12056
Guard 5Armada Starscream2h12056
Warrior 1Goldfire4h13564
Warrior 1Crosscut4h13564
Warrior 1Scourge1d602515
Warrior 2Nightbeat1d753520
Warrior 2Octane1d753520
Warrior 3Drift1d904525
Warrior 3Sideburn1d904525
Warrior 4Darkmount1d1106035
Warrior 4Sandstorm1d1106035
Warrior 5Jazz1d1307545
Warrior 5Skids1d1307545
Elite 1Jetfire1d1509055
Elite 1Doubledealer1d1509055
Elite 2Cyclonus1d17511070
Elite 2Blitzwing2d25075505 x Blitzwing Core
Elite 3Springer2d27585555 x Springer Core
Elite 3Chromedome2d27585555 x Chromedome Core
Elite 4Brainstorm2d30095605 x Brainstorm Core
Elite 4Barricade2d30095605 x Barricade Core
Elite 5Armada Megatron2d350115705 x Armada Megatron Core


Rankings PVP Name Recruit Time Cyber
Exclusive Core Special Core
ExclusiveSky Shadow1d1005030
ExclusiveStarscream (Rare)1d1609560
ExclusiveJetfire II2d25075505 x Jetfire II Core
ExclusiveAcid Storm (Super Rare)2d25075505 x Acid Storm Core
ExclusiveThundercracker (Super Rare)2d25075505 x Thundercracker Core
ExclusiveSkywarp (Super Rare)2d25075505 x Skywarp Core
ExclusiveSunstorm2d450155907 x Sunstorm Core
ExclusiveSlipstream2d450155907 x Slipstream Core
Transmetals Episode 3Tigerhawk Fuzor3d65035015050 x Tigerhawk Fuzor Core
Cybertron Episode 4 BlastersFireflight (FOC)3d65035015050 x Fireflight (FOC) Core
Cybertron Episode 4 BlastersSoundblaster (FOC)3d65035015050 x Soundblaster (FOC) Core
Cybertron Episode 4 BlastersBlaster (FOC)3d65035015050 x Blaster (FOC) Core
Cybertron Episode 4 BlastersSoundwave (FOC)3d65035015050 x Soundwave (FOC) Core
Transmetals 2 Episode 1Dinobot Transmetal IIN/A65035015050 x Dinobot TM2 Core
Transmetals 2 Episode 1Blackarachnia TM IIN/A65035015050 x Blackarachnia TM2 Core
Transmetals 2 Episode 1Cheetor Transmetal (Epic)N/A65035015050 x Cheetor TM Core
Transmetals 2 Episode 1Megatron Transmetal II3d65035015050 x Megatron TM2 Core
Armada Episode 1Demolishor Armada3d65035015050 x Demolishor Armada Core
Armada Episode 1Blurr Armada3d65035015050 x Blurr Armada Core
Armada Episode 1Cyclonus Armada3d65035015050 x Cyclonus Armada Core
Armada Episode 1Optimus Prime A.3d65035015050 x Optimus Prime A. Core
Divide and ConquerRoadblock (G2)2d4501559025 x Roadblock (G2) Core
Divide and ConquerDirtbag (G2)3d65035015050 x Dirtbag (G2) Core
Missions Wave 2Skywarp (GEN)3d65035015050 x Skywarp (GEN) Core
Missions Wave 2Thundercracker (GEN)3d65035015050 x Thundercracker (GEN) Core
Christmas BreakerEnergon Starscream3d65035015050 x Energon Starscream Core
Christmas BreakerEnergon Galvatron3d65035015050 x Energon Galvatron Core
Armada Episode 3Armada Thrust3d65035015050 x Armada Thrust Core
Armada Episode 3Armada Wheeljack3d65035015050 x Armada Wheeljack Core
Bruticus ChaosBlast Off (FOC)3d65035015050 x Blast Off (FOC) Core
Bruticus ChaosVortex (FOC)3d65035015050 x Vortex (FOC) Core
Energon Episode 1Energon Treadshot3d65035015050 x Energon Treadshot Core
Energon Episode 1Energon Jetfire3d65035015050 x Energon Jetfire Core
Transform And Roll OutSwerve (GEN)3d65035015050 x Swerve (GEN) Core
Transform And Roll OutWheelie (GEN)3d65035015050 x Wheelie (GEN) Core
Armada 4 Land Military TeamNemesis Prime Armada3d65035015050 x Nemesis Prime Armada Core
Armada 4 Land Military TeamKnock Out Armada3d65035015050 x Knock Out Armada Core

Daily Campaign

Events Name Recruit Time Alpha Core Beta Core Omega Core Special Core
Event Daily MayScourge (Super Rare)2d20202010 x Scourge Core
Event Daily JuneSpinister3d20202010 x Spinister Core
Event Daily JulyLio Convoy3d20202010 x Lio Convoy Core
Event Daily AugustTarantulas (Epic)3d20202010 x Tarantulas E Core
Event Daily SeptemberCarzap3d20202010 x Carzap Core
Event Daily OctoberDion3d20202010 x Dion Core
Event Daily NovemberDepth Charge3d20202010 x Depth Charge Core
Event Daily DecemberTransmutate3d20202010 x Transmutate Core
Event Daily Jan 2016Fisitron3d20202010 x Fisitron Core

Event BOT

Events Name Recruit Time Cyber
Event Core Special Core
Menasor's MightOver-Run1d16095
Menasor's MightRewind2d2507510 x Rewind Core
Superion's GuardJackpot1d16095
Superion's GuardTreadshot2d2507510 x Treadshot Core
Beast Wars Episode 1Waspinator1d16095
Beast Wars Episode 1Megatron (Predacon)2d2507510 x Megatron Core
Bruticus SMASH!Brawl1d16095
Bruticus SMASH!Blast Off1d16095
Bruticus SMASH!Swindle1d16095
Bruticus SMASH!Onslaught2d2507510 x Onslaught Core
Bruticus SMASH!Vortex2d2507510 x Vortex Core
Insecticons HUNGER!Kickback1d16095
Insecticons HUNGER!Skrapnel2d2507510 x Skrapnel Core
Beast Wars Episode 2Tarantulas2d2507510 x Tarantulas Core
Beast Wars Episode 2Blackarachnia3d50025050 x Blackarachnia Core
Defensor SafeguardGroove1d16095
Defensor SafeguardStreetwise2d2507510 x Streetwise Core
Defensor SafeguardRook3d50025050 x Rook Core
Generation 2 Episode 1Bumblebee (Super Rare)2d2507510 x Bumblebee Core
Generation 2 Episode 1Laser Optimus Prime3d50025050 x Laser Optimus Prime Core
Beast Wars Episode 3Dinobot2d2507510 x Dinobot Core
Beast Wars Episode 3Megatron Alligator3d50025050 x Megatron Alligator Core
Dinobots DestructionSlog1d16095
Dinobots DestructionSnarl2d2507510 x Snarl Core
Dinobots DestructionSlug3d50025050 x Slug Core
Piranacon HuntSeawing1d16095
Piranacon HuntTentakil2d2507510 x Tentakil Core
Piranacon HuntOverbite3d50025050 x Overbite Core
Cybertron Episode 1Sideswipe (FOC)2d2507510 x Sideswipe (FOC) Core
Cybertron Episode 1Optimus Prime (WFC)3d50025050 x Optimus Prime (WFC) Core
Event Lord StarscreamStarscream (G2)2d2507510 x Starscream (G2) Core
Combiner HuntersChromia2d2507510 x Chromia Core
Combiner HuntersWindblade3d50025050 x Windblade Core
Devastator's DemolitionScavenger1d16095
Devastator's DemolitionScrapper2d2507510 x Scrapper Core
Devastator's DemolitionLong Haul3d50025050 x Long Haul Core
Grimlock's EscapeSlug (FOC)1d16095
Grimlock's EscapeStrafe (FOC)2d2507510 x Strafe (FOC) Core
Grimlock's EscapeSlog (FOC)3d50025050 x Slog (FOC) Core
Transmetals Beast Wars Episode 1Rhinox Transmetal2d2507510 x Rhinox Transmetal Core
Transmetals Beast Wars Episode 1Optimus Primal Transmetal3d50025050 x Optimus Primal Transmetal Core
Event GalvatronGalvatron v2 (GEN)2d2507510 x Galvatron v2 (GEN) Core
Event GalvatronGalvatron (G1)3d50025050 x Galvatron (G1) Core
Computron's ChallengeLightspeed1d16095
Computron's ChallengeNosecone2d2507510 x Nosecone Core
Computron's ChallengeStrafe3d50025050 x Strafe Core
Transmetals Beast Wars Episode 2Tigatron2d2507510 x Tigatron Core
Transmetals Beast Wars Episode 2Airazor Transmetal3d50025050 x Airazor Transmetal Core
Cybertron Episode 2 SeekersRamjet (Super Rare Hunter)2d2507510 x Ramjet Core
Cybertron Episode 2 SeekersThundercracker (Epic)3d50025050 x Thundercracker E Core
Sonic ClashHubcap2d2507510 x Hubcap Core
Sonic ClashBlaster3d50025050 x Blaster Core
Abominus RampageRippersnapper2d2507510 x Rippersnapper Core
Abominus RampageSinnertwin3d50025050 x Sinnertwin Core
Cybertron Episode 3Optimus Prime (FOC)3d50025050 x Optimus Prime (FOC) Core
S.O.S. Dinobots!Snarl (G2)3d50025050 x Snarl (G2) Core
Optimus Maximus Awakes!Mirage (CW)1d16095
Optimus Maximus Awakes!Prowl (CW)2d2507510 x Prowl (CW) Core
Optimus Maximus Awakes!Ironhide (CW)3d50025050 x Ironhide (CW) Core
Scary SmartPerceptor (GEN)3d50025050 x Perceptor (GEN) Core
Devastator's Metal WarScavenger (G2)1d16095
Devastator's Metal WarScrapper (G2)2d2507510 x Scrapper (G2) Core
Devastator's Metal WarLong Haul (G2)3d50025050 x Long Haul (G2) Core
Beast Wars Episode 4Rhinox (BW)2d2507510 x Rhinox (BW) Core
Beast Wars Episode 4Rattrap (TM)3d50025050 x Rattrap (TM) Core
Armada Episode 2Red Alert Armada2d2507525 x Red Alert Armada Core
Armada Episode 2Skywarp Armada3d50025050 x Skywarp Armada Core
Ruination's MayhemTopspin (FOC)2d2507525 x Topspin (FOC) Core
Ruination's MayhemTwintwist (FOC)3d50025050 x Twintwist (FOC) Core
Ruination's MayhemRoadbuster (FOC)N/A16095

Other List

There are other similar page with different setting of list and purpose

  • Characters = shows a simple list of BOT base on Factions and Type
  • Rankings PVP = Show BOT base on Rankings PVP
  • Combiner = Show a list of Combiner BOT type.
  • BOTCost = Show BOT sort by Rankings PVP and Recruit time and Resource needed
  • BOTEvents = Show BOT base on Events
  • Multiple Names = Show BOT that have multiple names in games and how wikia handle it

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