A battle is where you can fight other teams of Characters. If the enemy is a Live Player, it is called a PVP battle.(Player Versus Player).

If you gather enough Rating Points, you can increase your PVP Rankings after passing the Advancement stage. See below for more details.

Battle Types

Targeted Battle

Introduced on Jan 21, 2016, this new feature allows players a chance to get previous characters' exclusive BOT cores. Note that Event characters, Mini-event reward characters, and top-reward characters do not have targeted battles available. see Official Announcement about BOT that remove from Targeted Battle

Ui battle targeted skywarp gen recruit
Ui battle targeted fight
There is a limit of 5 battles every 24 hours, but you can get more battles for 50 Gold. The BOT Team can also be changed for 50,000 Cybercoins. Battles always use 1 Energon.
Ui battle targeted skywarp gen daily0

Tip : Try to change the BOT Teams to 3 or 4 of the same type to increase possibility of getting cores.

Ui battle targeted skywarp gen daily1

Main Events

Ui battle option main

During a main event battle, you may encounter a live player, but if there is none, you will face an automated BOT Team. In a PvP battle, there are some differences from a BOT Team battle:

  • Each round has a 30 second time limit.
  • A live player can win PVP Rating points, ranging from 7-18 points, while the loser loses PvP points by the same amount.
  • A PVP battle is usually a bigger challenge due to no limitations of BOT team strategies, especially Abilities and stronger bots.
  • There is a PVP Bonus as part of Event Points if during an Event.


Ui battle option advancement

When you have maximum ranking points, you will be qualified for the advancement stage, and you have a chance to rank up to the next tier.

  • If you get three win trophies, you will advance to the next stage, and also get 3 energon.
  • If you get 3 red light losses, the Advancement stage is canceled and the some points will be deducted

For more details, see Rankings PVP

BOT Teams

Ui battle option bot

You can choose to fight with BOT Teams only. There are 3 Teams to choose which usually have Easy, Normal, and Hard tiers. There is a preview of possible Cores that you can get and farm for specific cores. Note that Bot Teams will not get you event points during an event.


Ui battle option stronghold

This Stronghold button will only show if there is an Events with stronghold map available.


There are several rules in Stronghold:

  • There are requirements for the team that you have to use (for example: all Decepticons, all Autobots, etc) (only in Beast Wars Episode 2).
  • After finishing a map, all stored rewards and event points will be claimed.
  • If one or all of your bots are defeated in a battle, you cannot use it anymore until you clear the map, reset, or pay Gold to activate the bot again, depending on its rarity.
    • In Extra Hard Mode, a defeated bot will only be reactivated when all the maps are cleared.
  • Resetting the map will remove the stored rewards and bring you back to the first node in that map only.
    • In Extra Hard Mode, resetting will bring back to the first node in first map.

There are 4 Stronghold, and each stronghold will open if you complete the previous stronghold

Ui battle stronghold easy
Ui battle stronghold medium
Ui battle stronghold hard
Ui battle stronghold extra hard

Each Stronghold has several maps and each map will have some nodes. There are rewards in each map, but you can only get reward and the Event Points after clearing each map. See each map details in the Events.


  • The team that you use for Stronghold is considered separate from your three main teams. Because of this,if any of your main teams are under repair, you can also still use them in the stronghold.
  • There are currently no more stronghold events planned.

Battle Rewards

If you win a battle, you can get rewards such as:

  • Rating Points for level up your tier.
  • PVP points if you battle against Live Player
  • Random occurrence of sending a league crate to a teammate in your League.
  • 1 Trophy if you are in an Advancement stage
  • Cybercoins
  • Gold
  • Cores
  • Event Points during an Event.

If you lose a battle, you'll only get a fraction of the rewards mentioned above. You can still get resources if you defeat at least one opponent bot.

Repair Time

If a player loses a battle, the whole team must be repaired for certain amount of time, depending on the rarity of each bot in the current team. You can instantly repair using Cybercoins (40 Cybercoins = 60s) or Gold if you don't have enough cybercoins (1 Gold = 200 Cybercoins)

The timer is summary of every BOT in the Team with the below Rarity calculation:

For Example : in a team, you have 2 Epic and 2 Super Rare = 2x 1200s + 2x 600s = 3,600s = 60 minutes

Example Calculation Repair Time
2 Super Rare and 2 Rare 2x 600s + 2x 225s = 1,650s

= 27 minutes 30 sec

4 Super Rare 4x 600s = 2,400s

= 40 minutes

2 Epic and 2 Super Rare 2x 1200s + 2x 600s = 3,600s

= 60 minutes

4 Epic 4x 1200s = 4,800s

= 1 hour 20 minutes

Calculating Battle Points

After a battle is finished, Cybercoins will be rewarded bases on actions and bonuses in the battle.

  • Victory Bonus = +75
  • Completion Bonus = +25 (Reward for not forfeiting a battle)
  • Unit Destruction Bonus = (Epic = 150, Super Rare = 100, Rare = 75, Uncommon = 60, Common = 50)
  • Unit Survival Bonus = (Epic = 75, Super Rare = 50, Rare = ?, Uncommon = ?, Common = ?)
  • Best Roll = +50
  • Precision Bonus = (each bot +100)
  • Overpower Bonus = (each bot +10)
  • Perfect Bonus = (each bot +10)
  • If using Triple Threat Bonus = + 100
  • Multi-energon Bonus = coin total x the amount of energon spent

The total of the above will be summarized and becomes the amount of cybercoins you will receive.

There is also Gold that will be given randomly, usually from 1 to 4.

Calculating Event Points

Ui curr event point

Events Points are calculate base on the enemy team that you manage to destroy. Event Point will be count only if you play in Main Event or Stronghold type of event. The Total Event Points will be added also to the League Standing to be calculate for the League.

  • 1 Unit Destroyed Epic = 75 Points
  • 1 Unit Destroyed Super Rare = 60 Points
  • 1 Unit Destroyed Rare = 45 Points
  • 1 Unit Destroyed Uncommon = 30 Points
  • 1 Unit Destroyed Common = 15 Points
  • If PVP battle = 100 Points
  • If Using Event Unit Bonus = Units Destroyed x bonus percentage
  • If Winning the battle = 475 Points
  • if Multi-Energon battle = total of the above x bonus percentage
  • Total Event Points are all the above calculation

There are 6 type of Multi Energon battle, and the boost only count for the Bonus Multi-Energon, so to calculate the effiency, we have to add the Base Event Points (100%):

Cost Boost Bonus Efficiency
Ui battle boost = Available for all battle except Stronghold
Ui battle boost energon1 1 Energon 0% 1 Energon is (100% + 0%) / 1 = 100%
Ui battle boost energon2 2 Energon 250% 1 Energon is (100% + 250%) / 2 = 175%
Ui battle boost energon3 3 Energon 500% 1 Energon is (100% + 500%) / 3 = 200%
Ui battle boost2 = Not available in Daily Campaign and Stronghold Battle
Ui battle boost energon5 5 Energon 800% 1 Energon is (100% + 800%) / 5 = 180%
Ui battle boost energon10 10 Energon 1600% 1 Energon is (100% + 1600%) / 10 = 170%
Ui battle boost energon15 15 Energon 2500% 1 Energon is (100% + 2500%) / 15 = 173.3%

Example : Battle Live Player (+100) with 3 Epic Bot (75+75+75) and win (+475).

  • if you use 3 Energon battle : 800 EP + (800 EP x 500%) = 4800 EP
  • if you use 15 Energon battle :800 EP + (800 EP x 2500%) = 20800 EP

And if you have 30 Energon, then you can have :

  • if you always use 3 Energon battle, then you can play 10 battle x 4800 EP = 48000 EP
  • if you always use 15 Energon battle, then you can play 2 battle x 20800 EP = 41600 EP

so the most efficient is 3 Energon Battle, followed by 5, 2, 15, 10 and 1 Energon Battle