This calendar is a google feature in Transformers Battle Tactics Wikia. Using Google Calendar to show some important events.

At the moment, the Verbatim code not working so the Google Widget is not working.

BOT Calendar

How to Subscribe

It's recommended that you already open a separate browser session with your Google Account already login such as GMail.

  • Click the above calendar and it will open a new tab of your own calendar screen
  • There will be a pop up message asking if you want to add Transformers Battle Tactics Wikia Calendar to your own calendar.
  • Press Yes and TFBT Calendar will be added

How to Remove Calendar

  • Open your own Calendar
  • On the left side bar, there will be a "TFBT Events". Click the down arrow
  • Choose "Hide this calendar from the list" to remove the calendar.


  • XML = You can copy and paste this into any feed reader.
  • ICAL = You can copy and paste this into any calendar product that supports the iCal format.
  • HTML = Normal Link to access the calendar in any web browser
If you use this link, at the most bottom right, there will be "+google calendar" button. Click it to subscribe to your own calendar after answering Yes.


  • You can view all event in a list mode by clicking the above Tab "Agenda".

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