Ui chat options

The chat is an area where you can have a chat to any global player or with your Leagues if you have / join League.


  • Global = Global chat with all player
  • Leagues = only with team mates in the Leagues if you have / join one


Ui chat chatting
Option Description
Ranking Avatar Logo to represent the Tier Ranking of your status (Rookie, Command, Guard, Elite and etc)
[Number ID]] ID that represent Rankings PVP when you join the chat.
Account Name Account name can be change in the Settings for 10 Gold
Chatting Chatting that you type

Color Codes

There are color code that people can use to make colour in several areas:

  • Account Name
  • League Name
  • Chatting

Unfortunately in some screen the color code will show up without the format but in most cases the color format will show

Use special character as below:

Code Description
^g for gradient
^c for color

And follow with 4 letters of hexacolor code, if you are using gradient code, then use 4 + 4 letters of hexacolor.

Use the following link to get color codes = NetVaults. For example:

Code Description
^gffff3fff for gradient
^c3fff for color

After that, you can type any word and no need to add space after the codes. For example:

Code Description
^gffff3fffTesting for gradient
^c3fffTesting for color

Example Code

Color Code Test
Gray/Blue^gfffc00ffG fffc00ff gray blue
Gold/Yellow^gfa0fff0fG fa0fff0f gold yellow
Green^c0f0fC 0f0f green
Dark Red^gf00f003f
Red/Green^gf00f0f0fG f00f0f0f red green
White/Blue^gffff00ffG ffff00ff white blue
White/Red^gfffff00fG fffff00f white red
White/Purple^gfffff0ffG fffff0ff white purple
Green/Gold^gfa0f0f0fG fa0f0f0f gold green
Red/White ^gf00fcccf G f00fcccf red white
Blitzwing Code^gfd0f70cfG fd0f70cf blitzwing
Light Yellow^cfcff
Light/Dark blue^g0fff00ff
Chromia Code^gaeff59ffG aeff59ff chromia
Springer Code^gff0f0f0fG ff0f0f0f springer
Slipstream Code^0f7d70fdG 0f7d70fd slipstream

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