Level 18 Cost Recruitment
M R Hun - Cheetor box 18
N/A (Reward)
M R Hun - Cheetor pose
M R Hun - Cheetor pose 2
Hotshot 1 / Self Evade 55%
First Strike / Team First Strike 2
Overall Ability
Hotshot / Self Evade
First Strike / Team First Strike


Every recruitment will increase the cost x2

Appearance From Reward
Ranking 2015, 2 Apr to 8 Apr = From Reward in Beast Wars Episode 1


Beast Wars Episode 1
P R Sco - Waspinator box 18

M S Sup - Optimus Primal box 20

Optimus Primal
P S Sol - Megatron Predacon box 20

Megatron (Predacon)


Total Cost for leveling Cheetor are 66,250 Cybercoins and 7 Power Token. see Rarity

Lv HP BOT Form Attack Ability 2nd Form Attack Ability
18 74 16 20 28 28 40 Hotshot 1 / Self Evade 55% 12 15 30 30 36 First Strike / Team First Strike 2
  • Blue Level can be achieve using Power Token
  • Green Star is the Special Attacks type (Hot Shot, Napalm, Short Circuit, Multi-strike)
  • Blue Value is the First Attack type


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