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The appearance of Computron and the Technobots team

Event Name Computron's Challenge
Date 2015, 6 Aug to 12 Aug
Period 6 Days


Event Characters

Below are the list of Event Character that can increase Event Points with Event Points Boost

Name Event Points Boost Rarity Recruit Group
Strafe Boost +300% Epic New
Nosecone Boost +200% Super Rare 5d New
Lightspeed Boost +100% Rare 1d New
Windshear Boost +50% Uncommon 1h Guard 1
Hoist Boost +25% Common 2m Recruit 2
Scattershot - Epic Reward New
Afterburner - Super Rare Reward New
Drift - Rare Reward Warrior 3


Promotion in Space Bridge that happen in the Transmetals Beast Wars Episode 1 event

  • Cybertron Special : Return Of Cybertron (3 Steps)
  • Gold Card
  • Technobots Special (6 Steps)
  • Event Drops
Promotions Notes
To give player a chance to get Return Of Cybertron character. There are 3 Steps for this package with increasing cost of Gold.
Step Cost Remark
1100 GoldRate x1
2250 GoldRate x3
3400 GoldRate x5


Period from 11 Aug - 13 Aug 2015

P gold card computrons challenge
Receive 30 Gold every day for 30 Days. If you miss a day, then you will lost the gold and wait for the next day timer. First time will receive a bonus of 50 Gold. So total can receive 950 Gold

Period 30 Days

There are 6 Steps for this package with increasing cost of Gold. The last step (6) can open all 6 Drops.
Step Cost Remark
150 GoldRate x1
2150 GoldRate x3
3350 GoldRate x6
4500 GoldRate x10
51000 GoldRate x20
61500 GoldRate x30 and 6 Drops


Period from 6 Aug - 12 Aug 2015

P event drops combiner hunter

Period from 30 July - 6 Aug 2015


Congratulation to all winners

League Winners

Event Computrons Challenge League Winner

Solo Winners

Event Computrons Challenge Solo Winner


Listing all the reward for League and Solo Rankings.

League Ranking League Reward Solo Ranking Solo Reward
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 - 200 4 - 150
201 - 750 151 - 750
751 - 1500 751 - 5000
1501 - 3000 5001 - 10000
3001 - 5500 10001 - 25000
  • Left two columns are for League Reward, and the next 2 columns are for Solo Ranking

Team BOT

Name Team Remarks
T bots from the deep computrons challenge
3 E BOTS From The Deep
T perfect storm
2 E + 1 SR Perfect Storm
T all hands
4 SR All Hands
T anchor home computrons challenge
4 SR Anchor Home
T avast
4 SR Avast
T bots from the abyss computrons challenge
4 SR BOTS Of The Abyss
T into the blue computrons challenge
4 SR Into The Blue
T rogue waves computrons challenge
2 SR + 2 R Rogue Waves
T bay bots computrons challenge
2 SR + 2 R Bay Bots
T barnacle bots computrons challenge
2 SR + 2 R Barnacle Bots
T dark waters
4 R Dark Waters
T bobber
4 R Bobber
T baitcasting
4 R Baitcasting
T bow bots
4 R Bow Bots
T capsized
4 R Capsized
T heavy handed
3 R + 1 U Capsized


  • This Computron and Technobots are based on G1 generation.

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