There are many types of currency in the game, and some have special purposes:

Currency Name Purposes Get From
Ui curr gold Gold Most valuable, for :
  • Buy Premium Package Space Bridge
  • Buy Package in Energon Shop
  • Instant Recruitment (1 Gold = 30 Minutes)
  • Buy Cybercoins if needed on Upgrade or Repair (1 Gold = 200 Cybercoins)
  • Recover Lost Character in Stronghold map
  • Change your name in the Settings for 10 Gold.
You can get it from :
Ui curr coin Cybercoins Can be use for :
  • Instant Repair the team that under repair (40 Cybercoins = 60s)
  • Level up a Bot (amount is different for each rarities)
Relatively easy to get :
Ui curr energon Energon To be use for starting any kind of battle. By default can only have 5 Energons
  • Free every 16 hours in Energon Shop by watching ads video
  • Buy using Gold in the Energon Shop
  • From Gift in the Leagues (very rare occurences)
  • Reward 1 Energon for starting recruit a new bot (only once per bot)
  • Reward 1 Energon for finish recruit a new bot (only once per bot)
  • Reward 3 Energon for successfully win 3 times in Advancement battle
  • Reward in Stronghold
C cybermetal Cybermetal Recruit Bot

Listed in the Resource

From any kind Battle
C transmetal Transmetal Recruit most of the Bot

Listed in the Resource

From any kind Battle

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