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The official appearance of Optimus Prime (FOC) and other FOC character

Event Name Cybertron Episode 3
Date 2015, 17 Sep to 23 Sep
Period 6 Days
Timer Time expired!
Note : This timer counts down to September 23 2015 12:00:00 PDT
Resource Exchange

Event Characters

Below are the list of Event Character that can increase Event Points with Event Points Boost

Name Event Points Boost Rarity Recruit Group
Optimus Prime (FOC) Boost +300% Epic New
Jetfire II Boost +200% Super Rare 2d Exclusive
Sandstorm Boost +100% Rare 1d Warrior 4
Red Alert Boost +50% Uncommon 30m Rookie 5
Swerve Boost +25% Common 15m Recruit 5
Ultra Magnus (FOC) - Epic Reward New
Jazz (FOC) - Super Rare Reward New
Roadbuster Reward Rare 1d Exclusive


Promotion in Space Bridge that happen in the this event

  • An Uneventful Night (3 Steps)
  • Cybertron Special (6 Steps)
  • Event Drops
Promotions Notes
To give player a chance to get Combiner Hunter character. There are 3 Steps for this package with increasing cost of Gold.
Step Cost Remark
150 GoldRate x1
2100 GoldRate x3
3200 GoldRate x5


Period from 22 Sep - 24 Sep 2015

There are 6 Steps for this package with increasing cost of Gold. The last step (6) can open all 6 Drops.
Step Cost Remark
150 GoldRate x1
2150 GoldRate x3
3350 GoldRate x6
4500 GoldRate x10
51000 GoldRate x20
61500 GoldRate x30 and 6 Drops


Period from 17 Sep - 23 Sep 2015

P event drops combiner hunter


Congratulation to all winners

League Winners

Event Cybertron Episode 3 League Winner

Solo Winners

Event Cybertron Episode 3 Solo Winner


Listing all the reward for League and Solo Rankings.

League Ranking League Reward Solo Ranking Solo Reward
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 - 200 4 - 150
201 - 750 151 - 750
751 - 1500 751 - 5000
1501 - 3000 5001 - 10000
3001 - 5500 10001 - 25000
  • Left two columns are for League Reward, and the next 2 columns are for Solo Ranking

Team BOT

Most of the team BOT is Cybertron Episode 3

Name Team Remarks
T cybertron episode 3 xx jetfire ii x
3 Epic + 1 SR Cybertron Episode 3
T cybertron episode 3 optimus prime foc xxx
1 Epic + 3 SR Cybertron Episode 3


  • This Event should be PVP (Player versus Player) but there are still some maintenance to avoid more disconnect and lost of resource, DeNA decide to make it so that mostly will battle Team BOT, and the fight getting harder for the Team BOT and many of them are reward BOT so no core drop naturally. see here for more information.

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