Level 20 Cost Recruitment
M S Hun - Dinobot box 20
250 x C cybermetal Cybermetal
75 x C transmetal Transmetal
10 x C dinobot core Dinobot Core
M S Hun - Dinobot pose
M S Hun - Dinobot pose 2
Short Circuit
First Strike / Self First Strike 4
Overall Ability
Short Circuit
First Strike / Self First Strike


Every recruitment will increase the cost x2

Appearance From Events
Ranking 2015, 28 May to 3 Jun = From Events in Beast Wars Episode 3


Event Beast Wars Episode 3
P E Sol - Megatron Alligator box 26

Megatron Alligator
M E Sco - Optimus Primal Bat box 26

Optimus Primal Bat
M S Sco - Rattrap box 20



Total Cost for leveling Dinobot are 107,500 Cybercoins and 23 Power Token. see Rarity

Lv HP BOT Form Attack Ability 2nd Form Attack Ability
20 102 21 40 40 40 54 Short Circuit 15 20 35 45 52 First Strike / Self First Strike 4
  • Blue Level can be achieve using Power Token
  • Green Star is the Special Attacks type (Hot Shot, Napalm, Short Circuit, Multi-strike)
  • Blue Value is the First Attack type


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