Ui event dinobots destruction
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The 2nd Stronghold type Event that finally introduce Dinobots group characters

Event Name Dinobots Destruction (Stronghold)
Period 2015, 4 Jun to 10 Jun

Event Characters

Below are the list of Event Character that introduce in this event. There are no Event Boost Bonus Character for Stronghold.

Name Event Points Boost Rarity Recruit Group From
A E Hun - Grimlock box 26
- Epic N/A New
A E Sup - Slug box 26
- Epic 3d New
A S Sco - Swoop box 20
- Super Rare N/A New
A R Hun - Slog box 18
- Rare 1d New
A S Sup - Snarl box 20
- Super Rare 2d New

Stronghold Map

No information


Promotion in Space Bridge that happen in the event

  • Get Dinobots
  • Guaranteed Optimus Prime (Super Rare)
Promotions Notes
Ui promotion guaranteed optimus prime
Guaranteed a Optimus Prime (Super Rare). The Cost is fix at 1000 Gold.


Period from 4 Jun to 10 Jun 2015

P event drops combiner hunter
P event drops claim

Period from 4 Jun to 10 Jun 2015


Congratulation to all winners


Listing all the reward for League and Solo Rankings. No Information available

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