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New mini event with new system and Warp Token.

Event Name Divide and Conquer
Date 2015, 19 Nov to 25 Nov
Period 6 Days
Mini Event Phase 1
Date 2015, 19 Nov to 22 Nov
Period 3 Days

Mini Event Phase 2
Date 2015, 22 Nov to 25 Nov
Period 4 Days
Timer Not Yet
Note : This timer counts down to November 25 2015 10:00:00 PST

Event Characters

There are 2 Phase of mini event and big changes on Super Rare Bot with 25 Cores as the new requirement. The new explanation is in here During this event, players can receive Warp Tokens that can be redeemed in the space bridge.

  • During Phase I, the Warp Token Exchange will give you more resources.
  • During Phase II, the Warp Token Exchange will give you more Boosted Event Characters and Cores.


  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Main Solo rewards: existing EP and SR characters.
  • Main League rewards: Warp Tokens.
  • Warp Token exchange: Boosted Event characters + resources (with focus on the resources).


  • Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
  • Main Solo rewards: (Improved) Event Drop Tokens.
  • Main League rewards: new EP and SR characters.
  • Warp Token exchange: Boosted Event characters + resources (with focus on the Boosted Event characters).

Below are the list of Event Character that can increase Event Points with Event Points Boost

Name Event Points Boost Rarity Recruit Group
Dirtbag (G2) Boost +300% Epic 3d New
Roadblock (G2) Boost +200% Super Rare 2d New
Scourge Boost +100% Rare 1d Warrior 1
Sergeant Kup Boost +50% Uncommon 15m Rookie 1
Gears Boost +25% Common 30s Tutorial
Blackarachnia Reward in Phase 1 Epic 3d Events
Megatron (Predacon) Reward in Phase 1 Super Rare 2d Events
Jazz (G2) For Phase 2 Epic 3d New
Beachcomber (G2) For Phase 2 Super Rare 2d New


Promotion in Space Bridge that happen in the event

  • Warp Special (1 Drop)
  • Auto Rollers Special (6 Steps)
  • Event Drops
Promotions Notes
P warp special divide conquer phase 1
New Space Bridge using the new 30 Warp Token. Can only open 1 Drop
Step Cost Remark
130 Power Token1 Drop


Period from 19 Nov - 25 Nov 2015

There are 6 Steps for this package with increasing cost of Gold. The last 2 step (6) can open all 6 Drops and Improved Drops on Epic Core. Energon Guaranteed start from Step 2
Step Cost Remark
150 GoldEpic Core Rate x1
2100 GoldEpic Core Rate x3
3200 GoldEpic Core Rate x6 and 4 Drops
4400 GoldEpic Core Rate x10 and 5 Drops
5800 GoldEpic Core Rate x20 and 6 Drops
61000 GoldEpic Core Rate x30 and 6 Drops


Period from 19 Nov - 25 Nov 2015

P event drops combiner hunter


Congratulation to all winners

Phase 1

League Winners

Event Divide and Conquer - League Winner phase 1

Solo Winners

Event Divide and Conquer - Solo Winner phase 1


Listing all the reward for League and Solo Rankings.

Phase 1

League Ranking League Reward Solo Ranking Solo Reward
1 - 10 1 - 30
11 - 100 31 - 180
101 - 800 181 - 500
801 - 1800 501 - 2000
2001 - 10000
10000 - 19200
  • Left two columns are for League Reward, and the next 2 columns are for Solo Ranking

Team BOT

Name Team Remarks
T divide conquer x dirtbag xx
4 E Divide And Conquer
T divide conquer xxx dirtbag
4 E Divide And Conquer
T divide conquer x roadblock xx
4 S Divide And Conquer
T divide conquer roadblock xxx
4 S Divide And Conquer


  • There are new mini events with 2 Phase, see rules in here
  • In the first few minutes of the event Divide and Conquer starting, Jazz (G2) and Beachcomber (G2) available without special core. The requirements are 9999 Cybermetal, 9999 Transmetal and 9999 Exclusive Cores. The bot should be available on Divide and Conquer Phase 2 on 22 November 2015.

According to some player (including top player) , the BOT being delete quietly by DeNA and after back and forth arguing, the resource to upgrading is return and additional 25 Gold. Unfortunately the resource to get the BOT is double and nothing can be done.

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