Is only availabe during events and will disappear two days after an event. It is used on a character from 20 to 30 usages. Exclusive cores have some "light" coming out of them unlike other cores. Excluseive cores are not really classified as a bot, campain, or any cores, and it is a rank its own. During events, these cores come in quite large quantities, but not as large as the cybercoin's quantities.


it is obtained at the space bridge, and after battle only during an event. Event cores at the space bridge do not come from the timed drops.


It is used by spending them only the large amount of event type characters. (That is a usage that all cores have.) It is used also in fourteens at the resource extange at the space bridge.


  • Event cores are the only non-bot core to have white inside
  • Event cores are yellowish, but are also the only ones to have gold
  • Event cores are the only core to have no gray
  • Event cores are the only timed core
  • Event cores are slightly bigger that scout cores
  • Rare characters need only around 20 event cores, super rare 35+, and epic needs around 200
  • Besides exclusive cores, event cores are the only core that rare characters need