Daily campaign in May to introduce Scourge (Super Rare).

Event Name Daily Campaign May
Period 2015, May



For a whole month there is a daily event specific for some requirement to get some cores and get a specific bot. Every 24 hours, a map with specific Team Requirement have to battle each node in a map to get a total 9 specific Cores.

For every map, there will be 3 paths. In the end of each path you will receive the daily core in each path :

DailyCampaignMapBeta May

In the next Daily Campaign, the node in each path are reduce.

Path Node Reward
Easy 3 3500 Cybercoins + 2 Daily Cores
Medium 5 5000 Cybercoins + 3 Daily Cores
Hard 5 3500 Cybercoins + 5000 Cybercoins + 4 Daily Cores


Bot Reward Stage
Scourge (Super Rare)


Scourge Core x 10

Stage 1 4 Autobot Get total 9 Alpha Core
Stage 2 4 Decepticon Get total 9 Alpha Core
Stage 3 4 Scout Get total 9 Beta Core
Stage 4 4 Support Get total 9 Beta Core
Stage 5 4 Soldier Get total 9 Omega Core
Stage 6 4 Hunter Get total 9 Omega Core
Stage 7 4 Free Get total 9 Scourge Core


When the daily campaign requirement on Scout, Support, Soldier, or Hunter, there will be a new related space bridge for each respective class.

There are 3 steps in this Daily Campaign Drops, with increasing cost from 150 Golds, 350 Gold, 600 Gold.

P daily campaign support
P daily campaign scout
P daily campaign soldier
P daily campaign hunter

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