Level 12 Cost Recruitment
A U Sco - Firefly box 12
65 x C cybermetal Cybermetal
30 x C transmetal Transmetal
A U Sco - Firefly pose
A U Sco - Firefly pose 2
First Strike
Overall Ability
First Strike


Every recruitment will increase the cost x2

Appearance Available when reach Ranking Guard 1
Ranking Medal guard1 Guard 1


Guard 1
M U Hun - Windshear box 12

D U Hun - Ramjet box 12


Team Aerialbots BOT group combine into Superion

Name Rarity Recruit Group Cost
A U Hun - Alpha Bravo box 12

Alpha Bravo
Uncommon 2h Guard 4 105 x C cybermetal Cybermetal
48 x C transmetal Transmetal
A R Sol - Air Raid box 18

Air Raid
Rare N/A Reward N/A (Reward)
A R Sco - Skydive box 18

Rare N/A Reward N/A (Reward)
A S Sup - Silverbolt box 20

Super Rare N/A Reward N/A (Reward)
A S Com - Superion box 20

Super Rare 2d Combiner N/A (Combiner)


Total Cost for leveling Firefly are 22,750 Cybercoins and 3 Power Token. see Rarity

Lv HP BOT Form Attack Ability 2nd Form Attack Ability
12 49 12 14 14 22 25 None 11 15 20 21 20 First Strike
  • Blue Level can be achieve using Power Token
  • Green Star is the Special Attacks type (Hot Shot, Napalm, Short Circuit, Multi-strike)
  • Blue Value is the First Attack type


  • You have to Max Level all the other bot requires to recruit Superion, and at that time all the requires BOT will be replace.

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