This is a turn base strategy PVP (Player versus Player) games, that looks simple but in reality have much deeper strategy wisdom. As in the famous quote "There is more than meets the eye"

Battle Preparation, to see more detail go to Battle:

  • You can choose to fight against PVP, when the game cannot find the match, it will automatically match with the Team Bot
  • Each Side can have maximum 4 Character and each character have a set of 5 numbers as Attack value and can Transform also which have a set of number also
  • Every start of round, the number rolls randomly to set an attack, and there will a roll to decide whose side attack first
  • If the attack number rolls land on Blue number (First Strike Attack), the value will summarize for each side, and the bigger value will attack first.
  • But if the total blue number is the same, there will be roll randomly again to decide who is the first attacker.
Ui battle roll first
Ui battle roll second
  • The attacker on the left side will start from top left , top right, bottom left, bottom right (Z pattern)
  • The attacker on the right side will start from top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left (reverse Z pattern)
  • The character with Green Star attack (Special Attack) will always attack first as order
Ui battle cry

Before press Fight, you have option to Forfeit or give taunt to enemy :

  • Red Face = something proud and angry
  • Yellow Face = something positive
  • Blue Face = something negative and pessimist

There are several element that can affect gameplay

  1. Team Set Bonus
  2. Abilities
  3. Evade
  4. Attacks Type

More in depth Tips

There are also some issue that player could experience

  • Ghost Targeting
  • Evade Bug
  • Jammer
  • PvP match up uneven
  • Disconnect