The official appearance of Generation 2 character

Event Name Generation 2 Episode 1
Date 2015, 21 May to 27 May
Period 6 Days
Timer Time expired!
Note : This timer counts down to May 27 2015 12:00:00 PDT

Event Characters

Below are the list of Event Character that can increase Event Points with Event Points Boost

Name Event Points Boost Rarity Recruit Group
Bumblebee (Super Rare) - Super Rare Event New
Laser Optimus Prime - Epic Event New
Megatron (Epic) - Epic Reward New
Ramjet (Super Rare) - Super Rare Reward New
Roadbuster - Rare 1d Exclusive


Congratulation to all winners

League Winners

Event G2 Episode 1 League Winner

Solo Winners

Event G2 Episode 1 Solo Winner


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