Gold is an important material and the only currency in the game that you can buy using real money.


  • Buy Premium Package Space Bridge
  • Buy Package in Energon Shop
  • Speeding Up Recruitment (1 Gold = 30 Minutes)
  • Buy Cybercoins if needed on Upgrade or Repair (1 Gold = 200 Cybercoins)
  • Recover Lost Character in Stronghold map
  • Change your name in the Settings for 10 Gold.

How to Get

Gold can be earned in


The game supports IAP (In App Purchase), where you can buy virtual currency using real money. This is the only currency that you can buy in the games.

Pack P gold 150 P gold 350 P gold 1000 P gold 2150 P gold 4500
Name Basic Pack Deluxe Pack Special Pack Superior Pack Elite Pack
Efficiency 1 $ = 30 G 1 $ = 35 G 1 $ = 40 G 1 $ = 43 G 1 $ = 45 G
  • Other countries will have different local exchange rate and will show different price currency.

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