Level 26 Cost Recruitment
A E Sup - Jazz G2 box 26
650 x C cybermetal Cybermetal
350 x C transmetal Transmetal
150 x C exclusive core Exclusive Core
50 x C jazz g2 core Jazz (G2) Core
A E Sup - Jazz G2 pose
A E Sup - Jazz G2 pose 2
Short Circuit / Team Armor 5
First Strike / Team First Strike 5
Overall Ability
Short Circuit / Team Armor
First Strike / Team First Strike


Every recruitment will increase the cost x2

Appearance From Reward & Exclusive
Ranking 2015, 19 Nov to 25 Nov = From Reward & Exclusive in Divide and Conquer


Event Divide and Conquer
D E Hun - Dirtbag G2 box 26

Dirtbag (G2)
D S Sco - Roadblock G2 box 20

Roadblock (G2)

Beachcomber (G2)


Total Cost for leveling Jazz (G2) are 204,000 Cybercoins and 63 Power Token. see Rarity

Lv HP BOT Form Attack Ability 2nd Form Attack Ability
26 160 29 46 49 46 46 Short Circuit / Team Armor 5 34 31 49 47 49 First Strike / Team First Strike 5
  • Blue Level can be achieve using Power Token
  • Green Star is the Special Attacks type (Hot Shot, Napalm, Short Circuit, Multi-strike)
  • Blue Value is the First Attack type


  • In the first few minutes of the event Divide and Conquer starting, the bot available without special core. The requirements are 9999 Cybermetal, 9999 Transmetal and 9999 Exclusive Cores. The bot also available with Beachcomber (G2 at that time which should be available on Divide and Conquer Phase 2 on 22 November 2015
  • After few days, DeNA reported in the forum that already delete Jazz (G2) data in the respective player that already recruit and upgrade it. This move reported to make some high and top player feels cheated since the Jazz (G2) requirement become double and DeNA doing it without notify the players

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