The 6th Missions that come with Energon Episode 1

Event Name Missions Wave 6
Date 2016, 14 Jan to 20 Jan
Period 7 Days

List of Missions

Missions Possible Reward
M wave6 lev15 build your army i 12 time 30m in 5d 8 x Cybermetal
4 x Transmetal
M wave6 lev16 build your army ii 12 time 30m in 5d 20 x Cybermetal
10 x Transmetal
M wave6 lev17 boost your warriors i 12 times 45m in 5d 4000 x Cybercoins
M wave6 lev19 boost your warriors ii 12 times 1h30m in 5d 10000 x Cybercoins
M wave6 lev31 build your army iii 9 times 3h in 5d 5 Scout Cores
5 Soldier Core
15 Transmetal
M wave6 lev32 build your army iv 9 times 3h in 5d 5 Support Cores
5 Hunter Core
12 Transmetal
M wave6 lev34 boost your warriors iii 9 times 4h in 5d 8 x Power Token
8000 x Cybercoins
M wave6 lev41 prowls plan 100 times 1h in 5d 1 x Prowl (CW) Cores
M wave6 lev45 boost your warriors iv 9 times 8h in 5d 20 x Power Token
20000 x Cybercoins
M wave6 lev50 build your army v 9 times 3h in 5d 8 Exclusive cores
M wave6 lev50 recharge and fight iii 6 times 1h in 5d 6 x Energon
M wave6 lev72 boost your warriors v 9 times 6h in 5d 10 x Power Token
10000 x Cybercoins
M wave6 lev72 build your army vi 9 times 6h in 5d 20 Exclusive cores
M wave6 lev79 boost your warriors vi 9 times 12h in 5d 25 x Power Token
25000 x Cybercoins

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