In the game, there are multiple character with same name, to resolve the problem, wikia will use the lowest rarity as the base name, and then in higher rarity will use 1 letter Rarity abbreviation (Common - C, Uncommon - U, Rare - R, Super Rare - S, Epic - E). Of course to user, the link will display using parenthesis round bracket with no abbreviation.

Priority Rules:

  • Start from the lowest Rarity, the lowest rarity will get no extension at all (normal name)
  • Use Rarity abbreviation for first unique letter (normal name + 1 letter Rarity abbreviation)
  • Use Class abbreviation for second unique of 3 letters (normal name + 1 letter Rarity abbreviation + 3 letters Class)

For example using Acid Storm :

Game Name Rarity Wikia Name Display Name Link to Page
Acid Storm Common Acid Storm Acid Storm [[Acid Storm]] = Acid Storm
Uncommon Acid Storm - U Acid Storm (Uncommon) [[Acid Storm U|Acid Storm (Uncommon)]] = Acid Storm (Uncommon)
Super Rare Acid Storm - S Acid Storm (Super Rare) [[Acid Storm S|Acid Storm (Super Rare)]] = Acid Storm (Super Rare)

List of Multiple Names

Fac autobot Autobots Wikia Name Rarity Link to Page
Bumblebee Bumblebee Common Bumblebee
Bumblebee S Super Rare Bumblebee (Super Rare)
Bumblebee U Uncommon Bumblebee (Uncommon)
Optimus Prime Optimus Prime Common Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime S Super Rare Optimus Prime (Super Rare)
Fac decepticon Decepticons Wikia Name Rarity Link to Page
Acid Storm Acid Storm Common Acid Storm
Acid Storm S Super Rare Acid Storm (Super Rare)
Acid Storm U Uncommon Acid Storm (Uncommon)
Megatron Megatron Common Megatron
Megatron E Epic Megatron (Epic)
Megatron R Rare Megatron (Rare)
Megatron S Super Rare Megatron (Super Rare)
Ramjet Ramjet Uncommon Ramjet
Ramjet S Super Rare Ramjet (Super Rare)
Ramjet S Hun Super Rare Ramjet (Super Rare Hunter)
Scourge Scourge Rare Scourge
Scourge S Super Rare Scourge (Super Rare)
Skywarp Skywarp Uncommon Skywarp
Skywarp S Super Rare Skywarp (Super Rare)
Skywarp S Sco Super Rare Skywarp (Super Rare Scout)
Starscream Starscream Common Starscream
Starscream R Rare Starscream (Rare)
Starscream E Epic Starscream (Epic)
Thundercracker Thundercracker Common Thundercracker
Thundercracker S Super Rare Thundercracker (Super Rare)
Thundercracker U Uncommon Thundercracker (Uncommon)
Thundercracker E Epic Thundercracker (Epic)
Fac maximal Maximals Wikia Name Rarity Link to Page
Cheetor Transmetal Cheetor Transmetal Super Rare Cheetor Transmetal
Cheetor Transmetal E Epic Cheetor Transmetal (Epic)
Fac predacon Predacons Wikia Name Rarity Link to Page
Megatron Megatron (Predacon) Super Rare Megatron (Predacon)
Tarantulas Tarantulas Super Rare Tarantulas
Tarantulas E Epic Tarantulas (Epic)


Other List

There are other similar page with different setting of list and purpose

  • Characters = shows a simple list of BOT base on Factions and Type
  • Rankings PVP = Show BOT base on Rankings PVP
  • Combiner = Show a list of Combiner BOT type.
  • BOTCost = Show BOT sort by Rankings PVP and Recruit time and Resource needed
  • BOTEvents = Show BOT base on Events
  • Multiple Names = Show BOT that have multiple names in games and how wikia handle it

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