Transformers Battle Tactics Wikia need your help

All the statistic value already in the Robot Stat Excel in the official forum, but wikia need 2 type of picture, character box with max level and character profile pose. See the example below.

1. in Edit Team, with Circuit in the lower deck. See box 1 in the picture below.
Sample Pix1
2. in Profile, with Robot Form and Vehicle Mode at the same picture. See picture below
Sample Pix2


Some character need pictures for the character box picture and profile pictures.

The BOT picture should have no Boosted Icon and in Max Level.

Event Name Box Pic Profile Pic
Energon Episode 2 Energon Strongarm
A E Sol - Energon Strongarm box 26
Energon Episode 2 Energon Prowl
A E Hun - Energon Prowl box 26
A E Hun - Energon Prowl pose
Transform And Roll Out Cliffjumper (GEN)
A E Sol - Cliffjumper GEN box 26
A E Sol - Cliffjumper GEN pose
Energon Episode 1 Energon Jetfire
A E Sol - Energon Jetfire box 26
A E Sol - Energon Jetfire pose
Armada Episode 3 Armada Wheeljack
Missions Wave 2 Thundercracker (GEN)
D E Hun - Thundercracker GEN pose
Armada Episode 2 Jetfire Armada
Beast Wars Episode 4 Rhinox (BW)
Beast Wars Episode 4 Rattrap (TM)
Beast Wars Episode 4 Ravager (TM)
Divide and Conquer Beachcomber (G2)
Devastator's Metal War Long Haul (G2)
Transmetals Episode 3 Tigerhawk Fuzor
Abominus Rampage Rippersnapper
D S Sco - Rippersnapper box 20
D S Sco - Rippersnapper pose
Abominus Rampage Sinnertwin
D E Hun - Sinnertwin box 26
D E Hun - Sinnertwin pose
Sonic Clash Blaster
A E Sol - Blaster box 26
A E Sol - Blaster pose
Cybertron Episode 2 Seekers Ramjet (Super Rare Hunter)
Cybertron Episode 2 Seekers Thundercracker (Epic)
Computron's Challenge Strafe
Event Galvatron Galvatron (G1)
Transmetals Beast Wars Episode 1 Optimus Primal Transmetal
Transmetals Beast Wars Episode 1 Rhinox Transmetal
Combiner Hunters Chromia
Combiner Hunters Windblade
Event Lord Starscream Starscream (G2)
Piranacon Hunt Overbite
Piranacon Hunt Tentakil
Piranacon Hunt Snaptrap
D E Sol - Snaptrap box 26
D E Sol - Snaptrap pose
Generation 2 Episode 1 Laser Optimus Prime
Defensor Safeguard Rook
Beast Wars Episode 2 Blackarachnia
Beast Wars Episode 2 Tarantulas
Promo Circuit
Promo Ultra Magnus
Promo Krok
D S Hun - Krok pose
Promo Megatron (Rare)
Promo Nacelle
D R Hun - Nacelle pose


Some question need answer

# Name Description Reply
1 Punch-Counterpunch Is changing to alt. form will change the team bonus of Autobots and Decepticons
2 Megatron (Rare) from Promotion What is the Hotshot after damage ?
3 Chromia from Event Combiner Hunters

What is the Hotshot after damage ? Thanks to MrMoose


4 Scrapper from Event Devastator's Demolition What is the Hotshot after damage ? 2
5 Megatron Transmetal (Epic) from Event Transmetals Beast Wars Episode 1 What is the Napalm after damage ? 2

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