When creating a set of Team, there a specific set of Set Bonus if can fit the requirement. The Characters didn't have to be in order as the pictures.

Abilities Description
Bonus seekers Use Starscream, Thundercracker, Acid Storm and one more Decepticon will give First Strike attack +2 bonus to the team bot.
Bonus classic Use Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream. All passive bonus will get +1 to the team bot.
Bonus heavy armor use Warpath, Megatron, Darkmount, Heavytread will give normal Attack +2 to the team bot.
Bonus sport car Use Blurr, Runamuck, Drift, Skids will give your PVP Ranking Tier +100 so that you can fight with higher Tier players
Bonus triple threats

Use Astrotrain, Whirl, Blitzwing, Springer will increase Cybercoins result after battle +50 Cybercoins.

After the battle showing +100 Cybercoins

Bonus autobots One of the common Bonus using all Autobot , unfortunately Maximal faction is not included
Bonus decepticons One of the common Bonus using all Decepticon , unfortunately Predacon faction is not included


  • Triple Threats description is Coin Increase 50 but in Battle result the coin will increase +100 Cybercoins

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