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The event that have many GENeration 1 universe at the same time with Missions Wave 7. The reward system increase to top 50 from the previous top 30. The promotions in the Space Bridge are using Cyberchip as cost with bigger reward in Cores and Energon (up to 150 Energon possible. Previous BOT cores also available via battle in the respective Recruit BOT screen (max 5 per day but can re-attemp and reset for a cost)

Event Name Transform And Roll Out
Date 2016, 21 Jan to 27 Jan
Period 6 Days

Event Characters

Below are the list of Event Character that can increase Event Points with Event Points Boost. Swerve (GEN) Cores can be found on PVP bot team and very hard to get in the Space Bridge, while Wheelie (GEN) Cores rarely found in the Team BOT team and easy to found in the Space Bridge random drop.

Name Event Points Boost Rarity Recruit Group From
A E Sco - Swerve GEN box 26
Boost +300% Epic 3d New Core in PVP Bot Team
A E Sup - Wheelie GEN box 26
Boost +300% Epic 3d New Core in Space Bridge
D R Sup - Octane box 18
Boost +100% Rare 1d Warrior 2 75 x C cybermetal Cybermetal
35 x C transmetal Transmetal
20 x C support core Support Core
D U Sco - Dreadwing box 12
Boost +50% Uncommon 30m Rookie 3 35 x C cybermetal Cybermetal
16 x C transmetal Transmetal
A C Sup - Hoist box 11
Boost +25% Common 2m Recruit 2 12 x C cybermetal Cybermetal
A E Hun - Springer GEN box 26
- Epic Reward New
A E Sol - Cliffjumper GEN box 26
- Epic Reward New


Promotion in Space Bridge that happen in the event

  • Event Drop Token with 3 Space Bridge that only on off day after event end (28 January 2016)
  • Energon Offer one time only for 250 Gold
  • Transformer Special (with 2 Space Bridge)
  • Swerve (GEN) Cores trade
  • Wheelie (GEN) Cores trade
  • Event Drops (1 Drop only)
Promotions Notes
P energon offer transform and roll out
One time only offer cost 250 Gold. Can only open 1 Drop and the offer disappear.


Period from 21 Jan - 27 Jan 2016

There are 2 Space Bridge with different rate of Epic Core and can choose 2 Drops.
Phase Cost Remark
15 Cyberchip or 100 GoldCore Drop 1x
225 Cyberchip or 500 GoldCore Drop 6x


  • Wheelie (GEN) Core, usually 12 Cores for the 6x Drop or 2 Cores for the 1x Drop
  • Swerve (GEN) Core, very rare
  • Energon , usually 100 or 150 Energon
  • Cyberchip, usually 3 Cyberchip for the 6x Drop or 1 Cyberchip for the 1x Drop
  • any rare or better cores
  • any rare or better characters

Period from 21 Jan - 27 Jan 2016

There are no Event Drop Promotion but the promotion only run after Events end, before the next event begins.
Cost Reward
1 Event Drop Token Rewards:
4 Event Drop Token Rewards:

Reported Reward

16 Event Drop Token Rewards:

Reported Reward

Period from 28 Jan 2016

P swerve cores transform and roll out
Trade 2 Wheelie (GEN) Cores for 1 Swerve (GEN) Core


Period from 21 Jan - 27 Jan 2016

P wheelie cores transform and roll out
Trade 2 Swerve (GEN) Cores for 1 Wheelie (GEN) Core


Period from 21 Jan - 27 Jan 2016


Congratulation to all winners

League Winners

Event Transform And Roll Out - League Winner

Solo Winners

Event Transform And Roll Out - Solo Winner


Listing all the reward for League and Solo Rankings.

League Ranking League Reward Solo Ranking Solo Reward
1 - 25 1 - 250
26 - 50 251 - 500
51 - 100 501 - 1000
101 - 200 1001 - 2000
201 - 400 2001 - 4000
401 - 800 4001 - 8000
801 - 1600 8001 - 16000
  • Left two columns are for League Reward, and the next 2 columns are for Solo Ranking

Team BOT

Name Team Remarks
T transform and roll out x swerve xx
4 E Transform And Roll Out


  • There is also Targeted BOT Battle, almost all Exclusive from previous BOT are available to Battle in the recruitment page.
  • Sometime there is a glitch visual in the Deluxe Drops for every 8 Hours
P deluxe drops ff error

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