Transformers Til All are One!

Transformers: Till all Are! is the final event of Transformers: Battle Tactics. It is a two-month long event that brings all of the Transformers characters into play, and with unlimited energon and Matrix Tokens in every battle, lets players collect as many character as they want until the game closes on May 12.

Information on the event from the DeNA Forums:

From 3/11/2016 through 5/6/2016, join in for the Transformers: 'Til All are One event! Don't miss this opportunity to collect the most beloved Characters to have previously appeared in Transformers Battle Tactics

RULE THE LEADERBOARD! 8-week long PvP event will have the opportunity to put your League on top once and for all!

UNLIMITED PLAY! Energon cap has been raised from 5 to 15, and refills instantly. Never run out!

INTRODUCING MATRIX TOKENS! Every battle won drops a Matrix Token, used on the event banners to build up resources and recruit new characters in the Space Bridge.



Resources Bundle - Available from 3/11 to 5/6 Cost: 1 Matrix Token Provides: guaranteed resources listed below *250000 Cybercoins *250 Cybermetal *75 transmetal *90 Exclusive Cores  *20 Power Tokens

Characters 1 - Available from 3/11 to 3/25 Cost: 2 Matrix Tokens Provides 2 random characters from WFC & FOC lines

Characters 2 - Available from 3/25 to 4/8 Cost: 3 Matrix Tokens Provides: 3 random characters from GEN, G1, and G2 lines

Characters 3 - Available from 4/8 to 4/22 Cost: 3 Matrix Tokens Provides: 3 random characters from BW, BWT, and BWT2 lines

Characters 4 - Available from 4/22 to 5/6 Cost: 3 Matrix Tokens Provides: 3 random characters from Armada, Cybertron, and Energon [Unicron Trilogy] lines


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